Filthy Weather    (RAIN SKIRTS)


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How it all started....


Ali & Marnie live either side of the Ridgeway and have a mutual love of the outdoors.


"We created Filthy Weather after spending years of arguing with over trousers."  


Marnie, a designer known for Green Oak Furniture, created a cover skirt to wear when attending to walking the dogs in the rain & to prevent muddy, scratchy claws wrecking the clean clothes.


Ali is out in all weathers running and hosting pheasant shoots.  She  really put this design through its paces, she soon learnt that she also needed the skirt in her life.  "it is so EASY to wear, comfortable and ready to take on the elements. I love it!"


The main function is to avoid acrobatics with over trousers. The bonus is protecting the area between the bottom of your jacket and the tops of your boots - in whatever you are wearing.  Including a dress!


From the beginning we decided to :

Make in Britain.  Keep it simple.  Keep it good.  Keep it practical.