Filthy Weather    (RAIN SKIRTS)


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"A thing of great beauty" purrs Ali. This rain skirt of bonded tweed and water resistant lining is easy  to wear and very smart .  Modern lines with practical functionality.  It covers that awkward area between the jacket and the welly.
Ridgeway Tweed
Tough and strong we have given this heavy weight canvas Rain Skirt the washed effect to add to its 'Old Friend' feeling. Unlined to be not too warm.
Unlined Canvas
A true friend for the cooler months. Warm and water resistant and very easy to wear.    And like all our work, it just gets better with use.
Moleskin lined Canvas Rain Skirt

In the shop today are the Rain Skirts:

Toasty, Ridgeway, Unlined Canvas,


the large silk scarf of 'Alice / Eyes On The Time' design   and last few  Dove Gray Linen Pinnys.